It's the height of the week and the height of berry season.

After spending all the after hours mowing and weeding in the blueberries, we have a better appreciation of just how many berries are out there.  There are A LOT.   The excellent blueberry season continues.  Better than ever.

Same goes for strawberries---a little bit of weeding revealed A LOT of ripe strawberries. Big, sweet and easy to pick.

Raspberries are on their way out but each day I am most impressed with the amount raspberry pickers find in the canes.  If you still want raspberries in 2016, you have not missed out.

The trio of berries continues this week and that is most excellent for all us berry lovers.

We are open 8am to 1pm for U-pick.

Remember your CONTAINERS and your CASH.  Thanks!

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