We declare open the….

blueberry picking at Windhover Farm this day, Thursday, July 26, 2012 at 9am.

Let the blueberry picking begin!

It's already going to be great.  Lots of blueberries to go along with the still amazing amounts of raspberries.  You can pick buckets of Olympic portions. There is that many!

You'll be relieved to know we don't have a tv and I'll be quite in the dark these games so the Olympic metaphors can stop at this post . Although we are cheering for our local Olympians.  Our motto for the summer games,"Cheer local, Buy local"  followed closely by, "Bring home the GOLD, Bring home the BERRIES".  I'm done. For now.

We will be open Thursday through Saturday at 9am this week.  We hope to see you.


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