Very blue…

because the blueberries are over.  No one is more disappointed than me.  I don't want anyone making the trip out here only to be disappointed.  It is time to call an end to the blueberry season.  There is very little left.

Of course the strawberries are still well worth a trip here!  We are open 8am to 2pm Thursday and Friday.  Closed Saturday and Sunday.

We may do something radical (!) next week and open a few hours in the morning and a few in the late afternoon in order to avoid the worst of the wasps.  Knock on wood, no one has been stung in the berries.  They appear to have zero interest in humans.  But evening and morning seem to be better.  I am thinking Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9am to noon and 5pm to 7pm.  But the weather may change that.  If it's cool and damp, afternoons are the best time to pick.  Stay tuned.

No photos to share.  How about a song?  Just a link to a song of our summer.  No relevance whatsoever to berries or farming or anything at all.

Happy listening if you're so inclined!

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