Trio of Berries

It's that rare and wonderful time of the season when all three berries are ripe and ready to pick!

Those Raspberries!  They are there.  We can't emphasize enough that the berries are found when you look up and under the canes.  Very few to picked at eye level.  Saying that, this will be the last week of raspberries.  But for those that want them, they are out there for sure.

Field of blue in the blueberries.

The strawberries are making their long awaited return.  So thankful to see more red in the patch.

Open Monday from 8am to 1pm for U-pick of the trio.

We will be open Tuesday for sure at 8am. Please check back here for exact hours.  Waiting to see whether you/we can handle the heat of an afternoon pick.  If we open for an evening pick we will open for shortened hours in the morning. CHECK BACK HERE before coming on Tuesday.

Wednesday open 8am to 1pm.

Closed Thursday.

Friday? TBD

Open Saturday 8am to 1pm.

Cash only. Bring containers. The heat will be on so bring a hat and water bottle too!