Ode to July

Oh how we loved you and we loved you well July. You brought us sun and berries and rain at just the right time and berries.  I am always sad to see this month end and there's no pretending its not.  Thanks to those darn crickets, the month is ending with a constant CHIRP.  Thankfully August will continue to be all about berries.    There is much to look forward to berry-wise.  Loads of sweet, big blueberries to keep picking  and the comeback of the strawberries.  And raspberries too of course.  The never-giving up berries of this summer.  However, today raspberries are officially downgraded from excellent picking to good.  Worth picking but not falling into buckets as they have been all month.  Come this week for raspberries.  We don't expect great things from them next week.

We are open 8am to 1pm Monday to Saturday.  Closed Sunday.  We will be open on the holiday Monday.  We hope to see you in the next few days so you don't find yourself berry-less over the long weekend!

And because raspberries are no longer as photo-worthy, I'll post a picture of Huckle in his first 30 minutes, the first day of July.  A special start to a wonderful month.

~And thank you for making it the awesome month it was Windhover Farm customers.















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