Thursday, July 30th

In a dramatic and surprizing and both good and bad turn of events, the blueberries have taken a sudden down turn.    There are many blueberries left but it takes a good wander in the field to find the remaining bushes that are still loaded with ripe blueberries.  We absolutely did not predict this for July 30th.  But we will help you scout out the loaded bushes so you can fill your buckets.  The good?  It means excellent pickers have been in the field. Some freezers are full in the valley.  The bad of course is that it is going to take longer to pick.  We still expect there will be blueberries into next week.  But you guessed it, the sooner you come the better.

Strawberry status continues to improve.  There are plenty of big, ripe strawberries and plenty of the smaller variety too.  It's getting better each day. Tomorrow will be good picking in the strawberry patch.

We are open 8am to 1pm Thursday, Saturday and Monday.  We are closed Friday, July 31 and Sunday as always.  This every other day for the weekend will mean good things for strawberry pickers.

There are also roasting chickens, pastured eggs, green beans, zucchini and fresh cut flowers for sale.

And this beautiful organic garlic:





























We're in the midst of a different sort of a berry season but it's a good one.  We are looking forward to an August full of strawberries, vegetables of all kinds and beautiful flowers.  We hope Windhover Farm is part of your August!



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