Quite difficult to plan open days around rain so despite the forecast for Thursday, we will open. Hoping for sunny skies we are getting today.  But don't let rain deter you....

OPEN THURSDAY from 9am to 1pm for strawberry U-pick.

The strawberries are holding up very well with the showers.  Not a soggy mess by any stretch.  In fact , they are beautiful!

Strawberries love August but they love September even more.  They are beginning to produce the crazy amounts they typically do in September so PICKING IS SUPER EASY.

Get your berries picked before the routine of September kicks in.

Goodbye August, Hello September!  We are looking forward to another 3 weeks of strawberries.

Hens are happy and producing eggcellent eggs.  $5/dz.

****Check back here but the plan is to close Friday and open Saturday.  Closed Sunday.















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