the WEEKEND report

We will be closed Saturday and Sunday.  No!  Not for rain.  For the Fall Fair!  Otherwise known as the CVEX.   As always, there will be lots of good fun going on at the fair this year.  Grab your galoshes and head to the Exhibition Grounds this weekend.  A good soaking will be nothing but refreshing!

We plan to be open Monday at 9am.  If there is torrential downpour in the form of rain, check here before coming out.  We will be open next week for strawberry U-pick and will attempt to make good decisions re: open days, based on the weather report.  We know for sure, the strawberries will continue to produce no matter what comes their way weather-wise.  THE SEASON IS NOT OVER!

Thank you to everyone who came out the last couple of days and picked the field so very, very well.  It is just watch the patch needed before the weekend of rain.

We haven't brought home any ribbons from the Fair this weekend so we might as well dwell on past strawberry successes:





























We get a lot of mileage from this ribbon.

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