The trio of berries

continue. Last day of July berry bliss with all three berries for the picking.  Excellent picking in the blueberries.  The raspberries are amazingly good after a month long run.  Come now for ease of picking them.  And strawberries are making the comeback we've been waiting for.

Happy days in the field;  Blueberry pickers are happy.  Strawberries pickers are happy and raspberry pickers are relieved to know they haven't missed out yet.

Open Monday to Saturday from 8am to 1pm for U-pick. Open holiday Monday.

We'll be switching our tune around here and highlighting blueberries.  Because Loaded Bushes!

Somehow the blueberries are not so photogenic (it's not the photographer. of course.  or the fact pictures were taken well after the sun went way down).  But let's throw a couple of pics in the post to attempt to show you how good the crop is.  Better in person for sure!









































600 blueberry bushes all ripe for the picking....

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