These are the best of times in a berry field.  Raspberries! Blueberries!  Strawberries! Pick your choice.  Pick all three!

The three are good, excellent, and good.   I'll let you decide which berry falls under which description.  But you will find great picking wherever you find yourself with your bucket.

Cooler days means lovely mornings in the field.  We are open 8am to 1pm all week for U-pick of the trio of berries. Closed Sunday.

*We have not started filling strawberry orders for those who are wondering.  But expect to hear from us soon.  New orders for strawberries are being placed on a wait list as are we booked for strawberries well into August.

What else is going on....

Oh yes!  We will have green beans, zuchinni, cukes and kale and flowers by the stem for sale tomorrow.  Along with the usual pastured eggs and roasting chickens.

I moved the camera lens from berries to blooms.  Thought we could all use a switch from endless photos of beautiful berries?  Bouquet bliss.  Not on par with berry bliss.  But close.














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