The Pumpkin Post

Here they are in all there autumn glory













This is where you can buy them. Just at the end of our driveway.  Great Halloween pumpkins for sure.  But I prefer the eating kind and we have lots of those.  Sugar pumpkins and the best-tasting Rouge Vif D'etampes for pie.  Also five varieties of squash for your Thanksgiving celebration:  Acorn, Buttercup, Festival,  Sunrise and Butternut.  IMO, you can never have enough orange food on a Thanksgiving table.  With the Fifth St. bridge continuing with closures, we are on your way from Courtenay to Comox these days-- so swing on by!

Halloween Pumpkins $5 each         Pie pumpkins and squash $3 each           Colourful  Festival squash 3/$6













This was the garden haul today. Berries, tomatoes (albeit green), cukes, one last cantaloupe, swiss chard and potatoes.  Not bad for October 2nd.  Those are the last strawberries I'll be picking this year.  It's time to admit that summer is over.  I'd be sad if it weren't that our freezer is bursting with red berries. I hope your garden too is rewarding you because of an extended summer.













In the evenings I'll be turning on the oven instead and baking squash like there's no tomorrow.




























Happy Thanksgiving dear customers!



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