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Finally,the pumpkins and squash are making their way out of the patch.  Not sure what happened?  Actually I do.  It started raining. I went inside and never came out.  Then suddenly it was October and the vines finally died to reveal pumpkin heaven in the field.  Big, round (just the shape we hoped for) and orange.  There are five or six varieties and a size and colour to meet every preference.  Many are available to buy in the wagon at the end of the driveway. For those who like to pick their own in the field, there are plenty for u-picking there.

*Swing by or phone or email to make sure we're home.  However, even if we're not home,  you are welcome to go into the field for u-pick pumpkins. Please keep the gate closed behind you when you enter and leave because dog, deer, and other wild beasts.  Leave your cash in the container in the wagon at the driveway.














Pumpkins are unusually large this year.  Squash are unusually small.  I don't know what's with that? Small does not mean less tasty.  There are Acorn, Delicata, Buttercup, Gold Nugget, and Fiesta squash. Actually all of those varieties are supposed to be small. The larger Butternut and Hubbard squash we planted didn't produce any fruit.  Not one??  The great part is no need for an axe to cut up squash this year.  They are the perfect meal-size .  So on that note they, are $2 each.  Except for the Buttercup, because of being bigger,  are $3 each as are the small pie pumpkins...

Pie pumpkins!  They really make the best tasting pies for Thanksgiving --which is somehow in a week!  Don't miss out on ending your feast with pumpkin pie to die for.  I haven't actually baked a pumpkin pie this year so I am going on previous years's amazing results.  We did have pumpkin soup tonight and it was as tasty as ever.














A sample of some of the squash



























This squash fought it out with the Morning Glory for some space on the fence.

To recap our complicated pricing:  Pumpkins $5    Small pie pumpkins and Buttercup squash $3   all other squash $2

For purchase at the end of our driveway 24/7.  Don't delay.  Thanksgiving is in one week!

Pumpkin and squash season. It's the most wonderful time of the year! Let the eating begin....



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