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Excellent pickers in the raspberries the last few days means the rows are well picked.  But...there are always more to be found, they are always ripening and so we will open Thursday from 8:30am to noon as planned.  If you prefer the easiest of picking we suggest you wait until Friday or Saturday.  A day or two of ripening does wonders for the canes which are exploding in colour more and more each day.  We will point anyone who comes tomorrow to the best rows and you are sure to go home with a good amount.

FYI  The raspberries usually produce for 4 weeks.

The strawberries on the other hand.  Not so great.  Very little red in the patch.  They are taking the break they always do at this point in the season. They'll be back.  Two to three weeks at most.  Stay tuned.

Since the strawberries are a dull conversation these days......

Windhover Farm is a wonderful place to raise a family--according to ALL the wildlife.

This new life was abandoned by it's mother (the lawnmower has everything to do with that).














Laura spent hours trying to reunite bunny with mama.  Not sure of the outcome.  But this growing rabbit family is becoming less and less welcome.  The burrows.  All the burrows.  I've become Mr(s). McGregor;  net, rakes, shovels used as javelins.  The boys with arrows, pellets,  mowers,  a trap,  kidnapped babies--nothing deters these rabbits.

Yesterday we discovered the arrival of 3 baby chipping sparrows:














The fourth egg hatched today and it's a sweet, if not precarious sight, in the raspberry row.

And then there's the doe and her young fawn.  I don't think any of us need a photo of deer as we practically have to step over them all over the Valley.

We have young naturalist friend who advises us on all our wildlife predicaments; what to co-exist with, what to remove and what to make peace with.  But all of it to observe, wonder and be reminded of the preciousness of new life, no matter how much of a nuisance.  sigh.

Berries and babies.  The days are sweet.

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