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The last week….

of June and school BUT NOT the last week of any berry around these parts.

We are open Monday to Wednesday from 9am to 1pm for RASPBERRY and STRAWBERRY U-pick.  If the heat truly comes, we'll begin opening at 8am on Thursday and from there on out.

Ultimate raspberry picking, ultimate taste.  It's the mega crop!  Picking is soooo easy, the berries soooo delicious.

And the strawberries made some decent ripening progress over the wknd.  Still nothing to be shouting about but there are strawberries for the picking and they are getting more plentiful.

We're still not able to make a call on blueberry ripening other than soon.  We know the sun will do wonders and blue will hit us faster than we think.  Stay tuned for blueberry news.

We're looking forward to a fantastic week in the rows.  It's fun to watch car-loads of berries head out of here!

Bring cash and containers.

Grass-fed beef, roasting chickens and pastured eggs available.

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