The Labour Day Weekend

It's almost here! The last long weekend of the summer.  Summer is not over for a few more weeks and neither are the strawberries.  However, in this extended hot and dry weather, they are limping along.  They've been producing berries since mid-June and they appear "tired" ie. dry.  One day of ripening doesn't seem to be enough to redden up the field again.  So----

We will be closed Thursday and Friday.  We'll make a call Friday whether we open Saturday or Monday or even Tuesday.  Please check back here before coming out.  When we open next we want it to be great picking so we will take it day by day.

I'm already missing previous summers when I'm begging people to come and pick the late summer bounty. However, we are hopeful that September holds great things strawberry-wise.  With some cooler temps and moisture, the strawberries should brighten up and start producing like they always do in late summer.  Stayed tuned!

Happy Labour Day Weekend.  Looks like more swimming is in the forecast!