The good and the bad news

In a quick turn of berry events, the blueberries have begun a quick decline.  As in they were so well picked this past week that it is no longer excellent picking.  There are berries to pick to be sure and in fact, a number of bushes still to ripen which will need a few more sunny days to do so.  But I anticipate the picking for the first few days of this week will be slim.  We will see what next week brings.   The blueberries rows are open all week and unless you want a quick 20 lbs., you shouldn't be too disappointed.

The good news is that the strawberries continue in the excellent way they do in August.   They will see us through the late summer of berry picking with an endless supply of easily picked, sun-ripened goodness.

We will continue with regular hours this week, 8am to 2pm.  Because of the Fall Fair we will close at noon on Saturday, August 24th.  Next week, August 25th to 31st, we may reduce hours depending on the blueberry situation.  We will likely open Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for the remainder of the summer but stay tuned.

Why am I shocked that we are nearing that point of the summer when things begin to wind down?  The shortening days, the lower light, the crickets, the dead grass, the wasps, the cool evenings, the tired children and a house showing the signs of complete neglect,  all tell the story.   Much to look forward to though----the Fall Fair, a garden at its' peak and never-giving-up strawberries!


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