The bumper-ness continues

We can't emphasize enough how loaded these raspberries canes are. Maybe we CAN over-emphasize and you are tired of hearing about the bumper crop?  Take heart.  I can almost assure you we won't be emphasizing the raspberries in a week or 10 days.  So allow us to gush on this week when they are at their peak. Yes at their peak!  And that's saying something because they've been great from the get-go.   A week or 10 days at most and they will begin their decline.

I doubt these photos do them justice but let me attempt.
























































And blueberries and strawberries too.  Both steadily ripening each day.  The picking is good.  But because blueberries and strawberries have a many weeks to go, we'll be flying the flag of the raspberries this week.

Open Monday to Saturday 8am to 1pm for U-pick of the trio of RASPBERRIES, BLUEBERRIES AND STRAWBERRIES.  Aaaaah.....late July is the berry best!

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