The bumper crop of raspberries

I may have used the word "bumper" crop to describe raspberries last season?  If so, big mistake.  Because this year is bumper.  It may be the year that ruins you for all subsequent years of picking.  It's that good.  And the raspberries so delicious. It's a tad warm out there but so worth enduring it for some fresh berries to enjoy the rest of your day.  And you have a wonderful excuse to stick your head in the freezer when you are freezing your haul of berries.  There will be a haul.  Don't delay.  They are ripening so fast it's hard to say how long the season will be.    But they are excellent now. That we know.  $3/lb.

And the blueberries, they are plentiful even in these early season days.  The bushes are turning blue as we speak.  No problem filling a bucket.  $2/lb.

Strawberries will return.  They do not love this heat.

We continue to have an unpredictable water situation at best (this is temporary) and remind you that we have no bathroom.

We are open all week from 8am to 1pm for Raspberry and Blueberry U-pick.  Closed Sunday.

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