The bonus days

These are bonus days everyone!  We don't always have this kind of summer in September and oh my the strawberries.  They love this.  So take advantage of the bounty of berries--another summer dessert, an extra 10lbs of strawberries in the freezer to tide you through the winter.

We could almost pull off "a little bit California" eating berries like this in September, but no way, these are far better berries than Californian-grown ones!  One thing for sure, we can be thankful we're not Calgary this week. Nothing like eating these sun-ripened strawberries to celebrate that one.


We are open 1 to 4pm on Friday.

Open 1 to 4pm on Saturday.

Next week is by appointment. Please phone or email of your picking time.


An aside---and to show off those strawberries...

We are now the proud parents of a teenager.





























Happy 13th Gilbert.  You may not see Gilbert around the farm much as he works hard behind the scenes (and he tends to disappear when customers are here).  He's not shy with the animals though.  Gilbert is the head herdsman.  He has readily cared for 6 cows , milking one daily, and countless broiler chickens.  He keeps the berry rows mowed and we pretty much couldn't operate this farm without him...

And in white, he is a dashing, if not dirty, 13 yr. old!






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