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The photo above is the typical extent of our strawberry demand.  A couple of snacking  kids.  If you have made the trek out to the farm, you know the demand is much higher these days.  And you know too that supply is not meeting the demand.  We are grateful about how gracious and understanding you all are about the supply.  So many pickers and only so many strawberry rows.  We so wish we had the supply. Boy do we wish for that!  For veteran readers of this website you know well my posts in August begging people to come and pick strawberries.  Good 'ole days those.  NOT.

We will be open Monday for strawberry U-pick from 9am to 11am.  There are June-bearers but they are coming to an end. This will likely be their last week.   There are everbearing too.  This years plants are ripening and decent for picking.  The everbearing rows we have been picking all June are between crops.  Still some berries to pick but they are also flowering again for their second crop.

We will probably open again on Wednesday. And probably Friday. And probably raspberries in a week. Please note my heavy use of the word probably. Always check here first.

Barring some catastrophic weather (like rain) or catastrophic pest problem (like wasps), late July into August promises excellent strawberry picking.

We are not taking any orders for picked strawberries. Our quota is full at this time.

Enjoy your Sunday and we will see you soon.

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