Strawberries love September

This transition to cooler weather is not my thing but the strawberries sure do love it.  All August long I was a broken-record pointing at the Tri-star strawberries, "They're small but really sweet" .  Well they're not so small anymore.  This cool weather brings on lots of berries, they are bigger and so the picking is super easy.

Now is the time to pick.  You won't be disappointed that you stocked up on delicious, local strawberries NOW. Before long it will be winter  which brings more expensive, poorer tasting fruit from VERY far away!!  Myself, I'm kind of ready to move on. My seasonal brain is telling me...apples.  But next summer is a loooong way off and we're making the most these berries while they're here.

Everything around is brown, yellow and orangey so these red jewels are feast for both the eyes and mouth.

We continue to be open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 12 to 5. Please phone or email for an appointment if those times don't work.  Last year are last day for berry picking was September 21 so I'm thinking it will be about the same date this year.



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