It's beginning to look a lot like berry season is nigh.  Oh yes and yipee!

Second year in row for a May start date. Annnnnnd!  It looks like 2016 will beat 2015 in opening dates.  Last year we opened May 30th. And although we're terrible about predicting  just when the berries are plentiful enough for us to open, we are thinking, hoping and expecting that it will be this week.  Throwing caution to wind, I'd say Thursday May 26th.  But if not by Thursday, Saturday is a good possibility.

It's the ever-bearing strawberries that are ripe, ripe, ripening away although the June-bearers are starting to show their red too.  Our little taste-testers (not the feathered ones) have been busy eating away in the field this weekend and they are more than happy with the deliciousness of the first berries of the season.  So get your buckets ready and eat-out the remaining strawberries you hopefully don't have left in your freezer.  The time is near for local, fresh, sweetness.

In the mean time, we've got our work cut out for ourselves this week because NEVER READY. (Wasn't it just Halloween?)

It's the most wonderful time of the year and we look forward to seeing you very soon.  Check back right here for open dates and time.

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