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raspberries.  Because today I want to talk raspberries.  After eating the first few ripe raspberries 2 weeks ago, I had high hopes, and a dose of delusion, that with the extraordinary spring, we'd be picking raspberries before July hit.  I failed to consider the possibility of more than week of rain which has included downpours.  Raspberries do not like downpours.  It seems it will be an ordinary year with raspberries beginning in July, although earlier than last year's start date of  July 9th.  For sure.  We are days away from the beginning of raspberries and a little sun will make that a very few days.  I have confidence no idea but lots of hope!

Whatev' on the raspberries. I need to be steering you in the direction of strawberries for the time being. Not as delicate as raspberries and more able to withstand the wet.  They are there in their tidy little rows ripening away despite the November weather.








We are open 10am to 2pm Friday and SATURDAY. Closed on Sunday.  Open Monday.

We do sell pre-ordered we-picked berries. $4.00/lb for strawberries.

$2.50/lb u-pick.  Bring your buckets and an umbrella.  Actually, no umbrellas.  It's hard to pick with an umbrella in your hand.

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