We are slowly winding down the season.  For the next couple of weeks  we are open by appointment. Give us a call,  338-7750 or email,  to arrange a picking time.   The strawberries are not over until.......we have days of torrential rain and cold or until the wasps eat every last one of the strawberries.  And try as they might, we are still picking a good share of the ripe ones.  Share!? Arghhh!

We are taking small orders of pre-picked strawberries.  Because that plague of wasps?  We go to battle with every last one of them for the ripe berry.

Looking beyond the berries, in a couple of weeks it will be squash and pumpkin season.  When the posts become a blur of pumpkin photos you'll know it's time.  We sell them right here at the farm gate along with frozen roasting chickens for $3.75/lb and pastured eggs for $4/dz.

Chicken and eggs avalaible now and mostly always.

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