They're continuing in their excellent way as they do in September.  The wasps are partaking of the strawberry goodness but there are still loads for the picking.  In fact, the wasp factor is not nearly as bad as it was last week and we are reclaiming the patch! The wasps are filling up and flying/dying  out is my guess/hope.  The days of fresh local berries in 2013 are numbered.  Come while you can...

We are open Friday and Saturday 9am to 1pm. Closed Sunday.

Around the garden (because who needs another photo of stawberries) on a lovely September day.



















































































We are already planning next year's will be much, much smaller.  And much less weedy, of course.  Because never again am I going to spend my summer forcing people to take home cucumbers.  If you'd like to make and store up bread and butter pickles for the winter, we are the people to see.

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