Lots of things don't like this rain; sunflowers, beans, tomatos, zucchinis (thank goodness), and me. But the strawberries, although a tad effected, are producing away.   Other than the berries sitting on plastic geting soggy tips, plenty as are good as ever.  We are open Friday, August 30th  and Saturday, the 31st  from 9am to 2pm rain or shine. Tomorrow we are selling the strawberries at the "rain rate" of $2.00/lb.  Not because they are bad but because you'll be our heroes----even more valued than you are when you're picking in the sunshine!

The reward of buckets of strawberries is worth a little rain.   And the rain has driven the wasps away and that is something to smile about.

This colour on these grey days brings some cheer.  But summer, please come back.

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