Yes! And of course!  It's September.  They love September.  Supply is up, demand is down, picking is great.

On that note, we will do picking by appointment this week as well as set open hours on Thursday and Saturday this week (not set in stone hours as I have yet to set them!) Check back here to find out these set hours.  But your preferred hours to come and pick may work best so....

this is how picking by appointment works: you call or email us 250-338-7750 or to set up a time that works for you to come and pick strawberries.   Emailing us is more reliable ---especially since our receptionist is now back at school.  Give us a shout, don't miss out.  There are lots of strawberries out there and a whole lot of green ones still to come.

We anticipate a last open day of September 19th or so.  Emphasis on the "or so".

Also available for sale: sides of beef, pastured eggs, roasting chickens, green beans, zucchini, and flowers.


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