The picking will be great tomorrow as there have been very few strawberries picked the last few days.  The patch is much redder than it was last week.

We will open at 8:30am  from here on out as the field is damp in the mornings.   Hours for strawberry U-pick on  Monday, August 10th are 8:30am to 1:30pm.

I apologize that we will not know what other days we will open this week until the end of tomorrow when we know what the patch is like after tomorrow's open hours.  If it is well picked, we will close Tuesday and open Wednesday.  If it is quiet tomorrow (we hope not!), we will be open Tuesday.  Please stayed tuned here for the latest on the strawberries and our hours.   We will open four days a week during August.

Also available: garlic, corn, roasting chickens, green beans, zukes and cukes.  Bring containers and cash!

Meet Anika











Maybe you have?  And if so, you've most certainly been delighted.

We were more than thrilled when Anika agreed to come and work with us this summer.  An extra back, a much younger back!  But she's been much more than hands and back.  Her mind, creativity, a sharp eye, a listening ear, a keen interest in farming and a kind heart have added so much to the farm this summer.  She's mulched, weeded, planted, installed and fixed irrigation, weeded, harvested, sold, weeded, spread manure, and weeded, and identified pests.  She's taken charge selling in the market but mostly her head's been in the dirt, at one with the earth, day in and day out including late into the afternoon on those sweltering hot days we've had this summer.  We really should leave the farm to her more often so you all get a chance to meet her.

I know what we did pre-Anika (constant panic and chaos, not a level head, calm being anywhere on the premise) but I don't know what we'll do post-Anika.  She'll return to SFU in September to finish her degree.  For now, Anika's August will be full of strawberries and we'll soak up her presence while we can.



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