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Spring 2018

Well hello there and happy 2018 as we near the second half it. We are more than overdue for a farm update. Spring is always ultra busy in the field but I've missed this space and look forward to almost daily updates once the berry season starts.

There is lots to report farm wise but I will leave that for later in the week. For now, you need a quick strawberry update as '''tis the season!

Still recovering from the winter of 2016/17 which severely damaged all our berry crops, we decided to rip out all our ever-bearing strawberries and rework/build the soil. We've been planting June-bearing strawberries all month but they will not produce until 2019. That leaves us with the five rows of June strawberries we planted last May. In the scheme of acres of berries, this is a very small amount. Due to the limited amount, we will likely not offer U-pick this year. We will sell them pre-picked. Keep checking back here for updates and on Facebook in the off chance that we can't keep up with the picking and we open for U-pick.

If you would like to order strawberries, please email to place your order. They are $4.75/lb pre-picked. The strawberries are not ripe yet and still flowering so we are at least a couple weeks away from harvest. Stay tuned here for updates as the harvest nears.

We will update you on raspberries and blueberries as their seasons get near.

Know we're still out here doing what we do. We highly value our customers, your support and look forward to seeing you this 2018 berry season---although it will be a different sort of season. Thank you for paying attention here as we "read" the harvest and make an effort to give you a delicious, local berry experience.