Silver and Gold

It's difficult to write about berries when it's so cold out. And we're all still talking about ice hockey anyhow. I might as well just enjoy the last game tomorrow and then I'll talk berries...

Tomorrow may be game 7 but more importantly, it is the first Wednesday Farmer's Market of the season. With this cooler weather, there are lots of lovely greens (and much more) available at the market. Add a salad to eat with your pizza while you watch the game!

The Grower's Guide, found in "The Comox Valley Echo" is now out. It is a wonderful resource for finding all the valley farms; what products are available, when and where to buy them. There is food bounty in the Comox Valley for sure. No need to shop further than your nearest farm.

May tomorow bring the silver of the cup and the gold of the sun to start ripening the berries.


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