signs that summer is disappearing…

1.  cool evenings

2.  some of you say you're freezers are now full (of berries of course!).

3.  On repeat out of the mouths of kids around here, "I'm bored".

4.  hair like straw, skin is leather

5. The state of our house.  I have no words.

6.  Smelly hockey gear about

7.  The CVEX, otherwise known as the FALL FAIR, is here!

8.  Eating sweet corn every night

9.  Peaches.  And peaches are nothing without BLUEBERRIES.

10. The biggest and best sign that summer is winding down is the CRAZY amounts of STRAWBERRIES out there.  They go "bananas" as the days shorten and get a little cooler.  Excellent picking.  Now is the time!

Big news and dare I write it?  NO WASPS.  We are so thankful they are not terrorizing us in the field and eating all the berries.

And BLUEBERRIES too.  The picking is still great. There are loads of the sweetest blueberries out there.  Another week for sure...

We are open 8am to 1pm on Friday.  We will be closed Saturday and Sunday.  Open again Monday from 8am to 1pm.

We hope to see you tomorrow.  Have a great weekend and come to the Fall Fair.




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