September and Strawberries

The rain is here but so also are the strawberries. There continue to be loads of ripe strawberries and there will continue to be until it get TOO wet and TOO cold.  We have not reached that point yet!

We will continue to be open by appointment this week.  Plus we will open Thursday from 9am to noon and go from there as far as U-pick hours.

It's as simple as emailing us at to make an appointment to come and pick strawberries.  We would love to see the strawberries picked!

Fill your freezer with protein too:

**Beef sides. The sides are approximately 350 lbs hanging weight which is about 230lbs of meat in your freezer.  The price is $5.45/lb hanging weight and includes cut and wrap charge.

The Red Angus/Ayrshire cross were born and raised here on the pasture at Windhover Farm.

**Roasting Chicken

**We'll also be selling our pastured eggs all winter long.

Happy newborn calves spring 2014:

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