Ripening, Ripening….

...RIPE and READY!!  I suppose to break the record books and have an opening date in May we would need to open on Saturday.  We shall see.  Stay tuned.  Opening dates are an anxiety-producing call.  We are still closed but not for long.

In the mean time, we do have lots of ripe strawberries just not enough to open the gate wides open.  However, we can open the gates wide enough for a few keen strawberry U-pickers( ie. strawberry eaters of the Comox Valley and beyond who cannot stomach another strawberry the size of a peach from down south).

So this is how we are going to try and make it work with limited amounts of strawberries (soon to be much more!):  If you are keen, send us an email to make an appointment in the next couple days.  You come, you pick,  you get your berry season rolling.  And you send us into a flurry of activity because NOT READY.  Not at all.  This is unfinished, that is unfinished, everything is unweeded, unmowed.  Because this is how we are always are in May--- without a care in the world, because berries ripen in June.  Ha!    Containers?  We don't have them.  Bathroom?  Not a.  Price?  Still thinking.  It's picking in May.  Enter unchartered waters, come for the chaos and the deliciously ripe strawberries, free range eggs, and fresh from the processor today, roasting chickens.

Email with preferred time,, we'll email back.  Make sure we email back.   Phoning isn't so reliable.

What else can I tell you?  Wow.  We are so excited for the berry season to begin.  And so not ready.  But so excited.  Our counter is already a sea of ripe strawberries.  So mostly excited.

Strawberries, eggs, roasting chickens, farmers up to their eyeballs in drip tape---it's all here at Windhover Farm.  See you very soon.  Hopefully some of you even tomorrow.



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