Ripe + Red = Ready

Summer is here, despite the weather, and so are the strawberries.  The plants are producing  amounts beyond our expectations for this time of year and we are happily amazed. They are big and red and sweet and waiting to picked.  We are open Saturday, June 23 at 9am for picking.   Please stay tuned for further picking updates and opening hours.  Don't hesitate to call or email us to make sure there are berries for the picking.  Opening hours will be irregular for the first couple of weeks as the berries come into production. But so far this wet weather isn't hindering production.  If you would like to purchase pre-picked strawberries, please phone or email to place your order.

We are excited about the start of the 2012 berry season and look forward to seeing you. There is a three month strawberry season ahead and we are certain we can accommodate your availability to come and pick.  We are all about flexibility and you enjoying time at the farm filling your buckets.

U-pick price $2.50/lb

Pre-pick price $3.75/lb

And so it begins. Here's to a productive and happy berry season!


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