Raspberries and Blueberries in June!

It's prime time in the raspberries.  The picking is SOOOO easy because there are so many and they are so big!  You can pick bucketfuls before you even break a sweat  (despite the heat).   If  raspberries are your berries, we're your place.  We'll be open all week (but Sunday) from 8am to 1pm for Raspberry U-pick.  There's a beautiful photo of the berries.   I just have to take it.

Strawberries....they're definitely the underdog.  There are some (there always are) for the tenacious picker.  Strawberries will make there come back in a couple of weeks.  Wait, have you heard that before?  Not to mention it's hard to pick strawberries when the raspberries in the row beside you are falling into your bucket.

Oh yes!  Blueberries!  About 50 of our 600 bushes are ripe and ready for picking.  They are the Duke variety;  very large berries with a distinct flavour.  Come and pick the first of the season.  In June no less!   Not your "stock your chest freezer full picking" but "plentiful for fresh eating in June kind of picking".

June, June, June, June, June...It's all so strange.  And good.

We hope to see you in these fleeting days of June.  June!

***Important Notice

We have no water (in June already?!).  This means we have no bathroom.  Take measures before you come.    We hope to remedy the water situation by yesterday.   "Send rain.  Amen."

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