Raspberries and a tour

We will be open Friday, July 20 from 9am to 12pm. It is looking red out there in the raspberries so should be a fine day for picking.  The raspberries do have at least 3 more weeks of production so there is plenty of time to pick your haul.  Just letting you know, loads of green berries out there too.  We will have to see what tomorrow brings before we know if we will open Saturday.  Thanks for your patience.  Most definitely we will be closed Sunday and open Monday morning.

Raspberries are $2.50/lb.

We do not use pesticides on our berries.  As you walk the farm, our growing practices our evident by the tremendous amount of weeds threatening to takeover the farm. Although we are crazy, happy weeders, weeds are plentiful. We use herbicides extremely sparingly, if at all. Our kids free range in the berries.  Some day I will write a wee bit about our growing practices in our products page but that's them in a nutshell.

As I tend to ALWAYS be verbose. Here are some photos to zip me up.  A little tour of the farm....

Beginning with the rapsberries

The blueberries as of 6pm today





























The strawberries














The biodiversity patch ie. weeds














The boy, the dog, more weeds





























It's late. To be continued next time.

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