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Is the 2016 crop better than the raspberry "bumper crop" bonanza of 2015?  Quite possibly.  It is exceptionally good out there in the canes.  I just can't picture that last year's crop was this good.

Soooo...!  Come on out and be part of the raspberry goodness that is 2016.

We are open Tuesday from 9am to 1pm. Many of you want to beat the heat so starting on Wednesday we will open at 8am.

Strawberries were well picked today.  Again, there will be some tomorrow but it's only going to get more abundant in the strawberry patch with this sun.

Next up is blueberries.  It's getting close.  We can't wait until all three berries are part of the best of summer eating.  But we sure are enjoying the best of the raspberries....

Bring cash and containers.

Pastured eggs, beef and chicken also for sale.



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