24 hours is like a week in the world of raspberries.  A day has done wonders for raspberry ripening.  And in fact, the picking was very decent today and will be even better on Friday and Saturday and all the days forward.

Open 8:30am to noon on Friday for raspberry U-pick.  $3/lb.  Bring cash and containers.

We will be open from 8:30am to 1pm on Saturday for raspberry U-pick.

Closed on Sunday, as always.

The strawberries remain in the same state which is not a lot out there.  Half a dozen people picked buckets today but that was it.  I anticipate about the same type picking for the next couple days.

Razz on berry folks!

P.S.  My dad sneaked into the blueberry field and picked himself a bucket today.   Blueberry picking is around the corner.  I do anticipate that corner will be July but you just never know.  Much crazier things are happening this season.

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