Rain alert

It's supposedly coming!  And of course that's great.  But because of the rain coming this weekend,  we are suggesting that tomorrow, Friday, the 28th will be a good day to pick strawberries.  The rain will not ruin the strawberries or effect the ones still to ripen but picking will be better without days and days of rain.    In past years the strawberries have stood up well through lots of August rain but you know and we know, strawberries before a downpour are nicer than post-downpour berries. So....

We are open 8am to 1pm Friday for Strawberry U-pick.

The patch is full of sweet, ripe strawberries!  Picking is quick.  The best of the season for sure.  Next summer's berry harvest is a long way off...

Bring containers and cash.

We hope to see you.


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