Pumpkins, pumpkins, everywhere

If you ask our kids what they've been eating these days, with a pout they will answer, "Pumpkin everything". Yes, I've managed to slip squash and pumpkin into everything. I'm loving me some pumpkin. They wish all their food wasn't orange. Kids prefer carving their pumpkins. It is that time of year. Get your Halloween pumpkins from the back of the wagon. But there are definitely more of the eating variety remaining. If you need any delicious recipes for cooking the nutrition-packed vegeatables, I have a broad range! Pumpkin cheesecake is a favourite.

Pastured eggs for sale in the cooler at the end of the drive. The hens are in laying overdrive and we have a constant supply of eggs with yolks the colour of.....pumpkin!

On the frozen side:

Frozen pastured chickens for sale for $4/lb.

5 lb. bags of frozen blueberries for $15. Kids are thrilled with a cupful of frozen blueberries for an easy snack.

This is wonderful time of year for continuing to eat local and fresh. The Farmer's Market as now moved indoors and there is an excellent variety of local food.

Unsupervised 2 yr. old with knife and pumpkin, all in an autumn day...

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