Pumpkin patch

We spent a beautiful autumn day harvesting pumpkins in the patch. Much more fun than the potato harvest. The pumpkin patch now bare

is looking even more seasonal in the wagon!

There are plenty of Jack-O-Lanterns for carving and lovely white "Lumina" pumkins and vibrant orange-red "Rouge d'temps" plus Butternut, Buttercup and Hubbard squash in various sizes.

You may have had your fill of pumpkin pie but there are soups, muffins, loaves and casseroles to make that are a nutritious delight in a seasonal and local diet.

Large pumpkins are $5 and squash are $3. It is serve yourself at the wagon on the road.

And Pastured EGGS for SALE. Gilbert our hen guy keeps busy collecting and washing dozens each day. They too are for sale at the road in the cooler. You could set up a wee co-operative with friends and neighbours and I will deliver to you weekly in town.

Pastured chicken for sale. $4/lb. Each chicken is 7 or 8 lbs.

Hope you too are enjoying the colours and changing days of autumn.

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