Everett got an early start planting peas this spring.  Clearly early, as he is wearing a Canucks jersey which means he was putting those seeds in the ground way back when the Canucks were still in the playoffs.  The peas are doing well (the ones the dog has not slept on) but we haven't seen that jersey since that very quick Canuck playoff run.  Going down early, hopefully those hockey players realized that being finished in April meant they still had plenty of time to plant a garden. Ha!

Since I mentioned hockey, here's my chance to post this photo---- maybe the only highlight of the playoffs for this family:
















But that was then and you're here to find out about strawberries not hockey.  Check back here on Sunday as it is likely we will be opening early next week.  Hours will be 9am to noon to begin. It continues to look very good out there.  Dig out that shortcake recipe. The time is near!

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