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Planting Strawberries

There has been action in the Windhover fields. It is the end of May and the planting of raspberries and strawberries is complete. Hurray! It was a little damp out there but that means we don't have to put the irrigation system into high gear yet. The berries are currently setting down roots in their new beds, preparing to grow for a fruitful season. The blueberries, years ahead in growth, look on with heighty maturity at the newbies beside them! I would say we are about 6 weeks away from tasting the first berries. That means there is six weeks to eat the remaining berries from last season in the freezer. And six more weeks to avoid the strawberries from the south tempting us in the grocery store. We can do that! The reward of delayed gratification for something better is worth it!

Next up is to finish planting a vegetable garden, squeezing this and that between the row upon row of berries. And then we sit back and watch everything grow. Or not sitting and not watching but back to weeding and mowing and mulching. And the waiting...

Check back in a week for more farm news.


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