Peace in the patch

The kids are no longer fighting over the few ripe strawberries. There is now plenty for all the little hands in the berries. In fact, there is enough for me to make a strawberry pie for Everett's 4th birthday today. Happy Birthday Everett!

We may be open for strawberry picking on the 11th. You may be wondering why these strawberries are taking so long while other strawberries farms are open. Our strawberries are the ever-bearing variety. This means they get going a little later. It also means they produce all summer long and into the fall. We picked until Thanksgiving the past two years. So although we are heading into mid-July, you will not miss out on strawberries. In fact, their peak production is August and September and July a little slower. They're coming! They are big and red and yummy. I will post a photo soon.

As for the blueberries and raspberries, they are not ripe. At all. Very difficult to predict when they might be ready so I won't. I haven't spot a ripe one yet. It's definitely going to be a little later than previous years. The sun and heat is here though...

On a positive note, we are getting much more weeding done with not being open. The berries will be weed-less by the time we open. Ha!

Meanwhile, there's plenty of local produce at the farmer's market and it's Wednesday today. The mid-week market is open.

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