I am guessing, emphasis on the guessing, that there will be one more week of raspberry picking. August 16th or so may be the last day of picking. There are lots of just ripe raspberries out there and some still to ripen. Picking continues to be great.

There is a sea of blue in the blueberry field. Picking is quick and easy.

We are now taking pre-orders again for blueberries only. Please call 338-7750 to place an order.

Strawberries...sigh. There are some and they are big all right but they still haven't fully reached their "potential".

Truly, it's not too hot in the field to pick. And when it does get hot, we do this:

They say that when it is hot you can see the corn growing.

In the same way, when it is hot, you can see blueberries turning blue. The sun has done wonders and these gems are brilliant blue. Picking has made the turn from good to excellent.

Here's a picking tip: Few people make it to the end of the rows. In particular, the end of rows 3, 4 and 5 are heavy laden. (The rows are numbered on the posts)

Come and watch the purple berries pictured below turn from purple to blue.

Lots of raspberries out there too.

We are open Friday, August 5th at 9am and will be closed for the weekend. Back open Monday morning for more excellent picking.

All is well in the berry fields. Buckets and buckets of berries being picked on these beautiful summer days. Raspberries are at their peak, blueberries bushes are getting bluer every day and strawberries... still not quite there. There are strawberries to be picked each day but we are guessing at least another week before they are in full production.

We are now fully booked for pre-orders at this time. We are not taking any new orders. Please check back in 10 days or so as there may be an update on this. If you are able and have the time, there are plenty of berries available for u-pick. It's actually kind of fun and invigorating out in the fields--at least that's what we tell our kids(!)

Open weekdays 9-1.

Picking is excellent for raspberries and blueberries. Today is looking like a great picking day as it is overcast--again.

Strawberries are still limited. There are lots of blossoms so there is hope!

We are open 9 to 1 weekdays or by appointment.

Have a great week. Check out our contact page for directions to the farm.

There are a limited amount of blueberries available for picking today. This won't be the "fill-your-freezer-for-the-winter" type picking. It is the "fill-a-large-bowl-for-the-delicious-fresh-taste-of the-first-blues-of-the-season" type picking.

Hope to see you out here! I think they're worth a drive.

Raspberries and strawberries too.

Quote of the week:

A little boy got out of the car and as he approached I asked him, "Are you here to pick berries?"
His reply, "No, bananas".
Wrong hemisphere little one but wouldn't u-pick bananas be fun?

Please note that we are not able to open until 9:15am this week. Thanks for your patience. If there are berries in the field I usually keep the open sign up all afternoon. Please phone or email to make sure we are here if you plan to come in the afternoon.

Blueberries very soon---that's all know! But loads of raspberries for now. Strawberries continue to be limited but they are coming. August and September are their prime months.

It's happening! Ripe blueberries. A mouthful of blue goodness that we've beening waiting a year for. It's a tough job being the ripening scout. I predict Monday for picking but what do I know? Stay tuned.

And there's loads of these. Let me tell you, it's not too hot in the field for picking. Beat the heat that Environment Canada promises is coming and fill your buckets

Because who doesn't want their oven on in the cool of the evening. If I can't be lingering in the evening sun I might as well be rolling out pastry and bringing some colour into the kitchen.

We're open 9-1 weekdays or by appointment.

It is wet out there but the the berries are ripening and there is an amazingly lovely crop of raspberries. We will open bright (because we can keep hoping for a bright day) and early Monday morning at 9am for rapsberries and strawberries. No go on the blueberries yet. If weekends are better for you then phone to arrange a picking time today or tomorrow. As far as I can tell, we will be open all week from 9am to 1pm. Please continue to check this website for updates.

If you need convincing, I plan to post photos of these lovely berries that I took yesterday.

Let the picking begin....

The raspberries are beginning to ripen but there are not enough ripe to open yet. Maybe later in the week?

I have found ONE ripe blueberry. Ssshhh. Don't tell my kids. There will definitely be no blueberries to pick this week.

The strawberries are coming along. Picking is open for strawberries by appointment only as they are limited. Please email burch@island.net or phone 338-7750 to make an appointment.

Thanks for your patience. The berries will all ripen eventually....