Checking the forecast once and twice and checking the patch a couple of times too and it looks like Friday will be a great day to open for U-pick strawberries.

Open Friday from 9am to 1pm.

Bring cash and containers please.

With some cooler temps and moisture, the next couple of weeks of strawberry picking should be excellent.

***We hope to open Saturday but PLEASE check back here.  If we are picked out or it's pouring rain, we will close Saturday and Monday will be our next open day.

Our freezer is now stocked with our Windhover Farm raised roasting chicken.  $4.25/lb.  They are about 4lbs each.

We are next open for U-pick strawberries Wednesday from 9am to 1pm.

With three days of ripening there will be loads of big, ripe and sweet strawberries!

Strawberries love September.  Hoping for a great crop the next couple of weeks.

Closed Thursday and open either Friday or Saturday. Please check back here.

Bring cash and containers please.


The patch has gained some red the last couple of days and there are big, ripe strawberries for the picking.  A little of your morning in the strawberries will make your long weekend a lot sweeter!

We are open Saturday from 9am to noon for strawberry U-pick.

Bring cash and containers.

We hope to see you.

Closed Sunday and Monday.

Stay tuned for open days next week-----!


It's almost here! The last long weekend of the summer.  Summer is not over for a few more weeks and neither are the strawberries.  However, in this extended hot and dry weather, they are limping along.  They've been producing berries since mid-June and they appear "tired" ie. dry.  One day of ripening doesn't seem to be enough to redden up the field again.  So----

We will be closed Thursday and Friday.  We'll make a call Friday whether we open Saturday or Monday or even Tuesday.  Please check back here before coming out.  When we open next we want it to be great picking so we will take it day by day.

I'm already missing previous summers when I'm begging people to come and pick the late summer bounty. However, we are hopeful that September holds great things strawberry-wise.  With some cooler temps and moisture, the strawberries should brighten up and start producing like they always do in late summer.  Stayed tuned!

Happy Labour Day Weekend.  Looks like more swimming is in the forecast!


Open Wednesday from 9am to 1pm for strawberry U-pick.

Bring containers and cash.

It's supposed to be a little cooler so should be a lovely morning to pick in the patch!

Closed Thursday.

Open Monday from 9am to noon for strawberry U-pick.

As always, bring containers and cash.

Running out of steam words so brief post but hopefully all the information you need!

Closed Tuesday.

Stay tuned for open days the remainder of the week.

We will be closed Friday and open Saturday from 9am to 1pm for U-pick strawberries.

Two days of ripening will mean great picking in the strawberry patch.  Make the most of the late summer berries.  We should be picking another 3 weeks or so.

Closed Sunday and open Monday at 9am.

Bring cash and containers.

Don't forget it's Fall Fair weekend at the Exhibition Grounds (Friday to Sunday) . And also the perfect weekend for a strawberry pie!


Open 9am to 1pm Wednesday for strawberry U-pick.

Lotza of sweet, red strawberries in the patch.  The picking will be easy.

Bring cash and containers.

Closed Thursday.

And then there was one....

And thankfully these berries are in their prime!  STRAWBERRIES!  This is their season and it's looking like a good one.  They will more than replace the blueberries with their bounty, sweetness and easy picking.

The blueberry season is over which is disappointing in more ways than the fact it is over.  The crop wasn't at all a bountiful one.   Our freezer is not full and I know many of you didn't pick your usual quota.   With some head work, hands and probably a whole lot of heart, we're counting on a much better 2018 season from these 700 bushes which have given much, much more in previous seasons.

Two days of ripening means the strawberry patch is full of big, red berries. We are open Monday and Wednesday from 9am to 1pm for U-pick.

Closed Tuesday and Thursday.  Check back here for weekend hours. There are many weeks left of strawberry season.  Thank goodness!!

Bring cash and containers.


The littlest here at the farm is turning 8 tomorrow and we're celebrating big and taking her awaaaaaaay from the farm.  This means we will be closed Saturday. And Sunday too. Open Monday at 9am.

If you're concerned about getting your strawberries, not to worry. We have many weeks ahead of strawberry season.  The strawberries just get better as summer marches on!

Open today until 1pm.