Opening day has arrived!

Our official first day of being open for the 2013 berry season will be Monday, June 17th for u-pick strawberries.  We are thrilled to be starting the season three days earlier than last year.  I'd say it means we are in for an extraordinary season!

Hours will vary for the rest of June until we hit high season in July when all three berries are in production.  We plan to open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and maybe Saturday from 10am to 2pm.  Check back here regularly for updates as there a many variables affecting whether picking is okay or excellent.  The strawberry picking tomorrow will be excellent.

This is the beginning of about a three week strawberry season (emphasis on the 'about') .  The  berries slow down in mid-July until early August when they go back into high production again until late September.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow and in the three months ahead.




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