Open Tuesday

for strawberry U-pick. The picking was great today and should continue tomorrow.  I wasn't aware of the heat wave coming when I changed the hours so let's move it back to the "it's hot out there" hours of 8am to 1pm.

We'll see how tomorrow's picking goes in patch before we decided on Wednesday and all the days after...!

Open Tuesday from 8am to 1pm. Stay tuned for the rest of the week.

Containers, cash, you know the drill!

Meet Patti














Patti is the sweet voice on the other end of our phone so you may have talked to her.  She is the most reliable receptionist a farm could ask for.  She's around a little bit in the market but often she can be found in the field picking berries for customers, for popsicles, or a snack.  Once in a while she babysits wee pickers who have lost interest in the berries.   Most often Patti  is in the house---keeping it!--- washing dishes, folding laundry,  keeping Laura busy with an art project and what she loves most is creating something herself.  She is ALL arts and craft.

I think it won't be long before I'm banished to field work all day and Patti does all the selling though.

I sense a theme of "gals on the farm" posts this week.  Let's see who else I can introduce you to...


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