OPEN for strawberry U-pick!

Time to swing the gate open-wide into the strawberry patch.  The strawberries are ripe, ripe, ripening away.  Red and ready.  Whether we're ready or not(?!), we are more than excited to get the berry season going and look forward to 4 months of strawberries the season promises.

Friday, the  27th we will open from 9am to 11am. On Friday afternoon we will determine whether we will open Saturday.  If not Saturday, we will open Monday morning.  Please check back here for frequent updates.  Unfortunately days and hours vary in the early season as the production gets going and we keep tabs on supply and demand.

The June-bearers are just getting started.  It will mostly be the ever-bearing strawberries to pick this week.  They are big and sweet as ever.

Please bring buckets and cash.

We look forward to seeing you Friday or in the coming months ahead.

P.S.  Raspberries and Blueberries in a month.

P.P.S.  We do take orders for pre-picked strawberries but the orders are filled in August (the most plentiful season of Windhover Farm strawberries).



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