On all accounts

this will be a great week to pick.

1.  Still lots of ripe blueberries

2.  Strawberries are now producing the way we expect and hope they will in August.  Endless amounts of beautiful STRAWBERRIES in the patch

3.  Lovely weather

4.  Last week of our regular hours.  We'll be switching to 4 or 5 days for the remainder of the berry season the following week.

5.  We fear the arrival of bothersome wasps but they're not swarming yet....

6.  Closed Saturday and Sunday this weekedn because FALL FAIR! Open again Monday the 25th at 8am.

7.  Make picking berries part of your back to school shopping because----

SMOOTHIES in the winter!  This kind of face for winter....we're in.














Mention Kindergarten and you'll get this face.















Open Monday to Friday this week 8am to 1pm for Blueberry and Strawberry U-pick


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